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We all have a lot of goals, some are personal, but more often than not they effect our families. When we set goals that matter to us at our core, they will usually involve relationships we want to grow, time in the Word, building a business, or staying active and healthy. These can all be accomplished alongside our husband (or wife) if you are a dude who enjoys setting goals! Enter, using PowerSheets as a couple!

I discovered that partnering up with my husband brings a new level of accountability to PowerSheets.

I decided to experiment in October and invited Kason to fill out my PowerSheets with me to see what would happen.

Kason has never been one to set goals, New Years Resolutions, or anything similar. He lives day to day, and is super laid back. He’s always joked, “if I don’t set goals, I won’t be disappointed in not reaching them.” He’s always laughed this off, but I think deep down it’s about fear of failure. Maybe this is you. Maybe you are scared to set goals because you feel there’s no way you can reach them. Or you have a big dream, but feel inadequate. I get it.

When you approach goal setting by identifying what matters most to you, and digging deep to uncover good goals, then you can find joy that progress, in any amount, means success. We make time for what’s most important to us. When we speak and write those of most importance then we allow ourselves to be vulnerable to achieving, and potentially not achieving them. When we achieve, we celebrate, when we don’t we celebrate too because we can simply move that action step to the following month.

Grace, friends.

So here’s what happened in my experiment of using PowerSheets as a couple:

  • By inviting Kason to fill out my PowerSheets with me it sparked something in him. He got excited to be able to color in the progress bars because it was tangible proof that we were making progress.
  • We were moving forward together. We set goals together, and we achieved them together. It brought a new level of partnership to our marriage.
  • We achieved our biggest goal of hitting our budget (FINALLY!) together. We’ve been “budgeting” for years, but never really did it correctly. We have always had what our expenses were, but we would often give in to each other’s wants instead of holding each other accountable. I don’t count is as a coincidence we finally hit our budget, the same month we started using PowerSheets together.(Light Filled Home has a budgeting mistake post coming soon!)
  • Doing PowerSheets together has kept us accountable in a different way. For well over a year, I have had an alert on my phone for Monday’s that says, “check in night!” It’s supposed to be a night to check in on our budget, discuss the week, etc. But often we just ended up playing a game or watching tv. This changed this month. Multiple times through the week I would grab our PowerSheets and we would check in on our goals together. We would check our bank account together, we would chat about when we could achieve another goal we set. It was so fun!

Pretty cool experiment huh?! Do you and your spouse set goals together? How do you do it, what resources do you use?

If you need a resource consider investing in PowerSheets and becoming a PowerSheets couple. We’re not looking back, we did November together too!

Engaged friends, have you ever considered using PowerSheets as a couple to help you set goals with planning your first day as husband and wife?

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Disclaimer: While I am an affiliate for Cultivate What Matters, and receive a small commission on any sales that are made by clicking through, I only recommend PowerSheets because I have seen grace-filled progress myself personally, and now in our marriage! I would (and did!) recommend PowerSheets regardless of being an affiliate! All excitement is my own!

In Him, Tamara

Becoming a PowerSheets Couple | Lightfilledhome.com