I absolutely adore supporting other women and mamas who create products that help point our daughter, and our family, to Christ. We obviously create products here at Light Filled Home that we pray points other families to Christ as well, and while we do use our own products I love learning the heart behind other businesses and supporting them as well as they create and produce amazing resources!

So when Color + Kindness asked for product reviewers I jumped at the opportunity to be able to do a review of their new product Our Big Neighborhood.

We had the opportunity to go through her Sweden neighborhood package and it was so much fun learning about another country together!

Nicole, creator of Color + Kindness‘, wants to inspire each of us to think outside our tiny neighborhood like our immediate families and neighbors that live directly next door, and engage in learning about other cultures around the world.

Nicole has worked incredibly hard to create a curriculum that is engaging and interactive. She included reading, artwork, various sensory type learning, and just plain fun! She wants each of us to think like Jesus does, and love everyone and learn how we each live differently.

Our favorite parts of learning about Sweden were enjoying fika (coffee, it’s decaf!) and making fun cookies called Hollongrotta (they resemble thumb print cookies!) and also coloring Dala horses together!

I love how Nicole incorporated various books to read together that you can look for at your local library, and she even incorporates other ideas to further learn about each country!

Thank you Nicole for allowing us to be part of your product testing for your amazing new product! Grateful for you and your heart to teach us about other cultures and countries!

Head over to Color + Kindness’ shop now to purchase Our Big Neighborhood and enjoy learning about various countries and people across the world!

Until next time,

In Him, Tamara

P.S. (the fine print!) We did receive a complimentary copy of the Sweden portion of Our Big Neighborhood to review and share on social media, but all of my excitement is purely my own!

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