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A recent scripture within my Write the Word Journal was John 15:4-6. The verses are when Jesus is teaching about bearing fruit, and the only way it can happen is when the the branch is connected to a source of life. A single branch can not bear fruit on it its own. Jesus goes on to teach us that He is the vine, and we are the branches. We simply can not bear fruit without Him.

This is common passage that sermons are taught on, and I’m sure there are dozens of blog posts covering this scripture and countless commentaries. I too have heard this passage talked about, and am familiar with the context, but what is so rich about scripture is that no matter how many times we read or hear it broken down in a sermon God can reveal something new to us.

He did that for me with this particular time in His Word.

From an everyday life, wife, and mama view point I know how important it is for me remain in the Vine (God’s Word.)

Meaning, I need to remain sitting at Jesus’ feet, and when I try to get up and handle things in my own strength it never fails that the day either falls apart, there’s a melt down, obedience or behavior issues, or I am flat out grumpy for who knows what. Not to say the days when I do spend time in God’s Word that the day is just peachy. The same roadblocks often come up, but my attitude is one of grace and patience when I invite Jesus to spend the day with me by spending time with Him.

“Remain in me, and I will remain in You. No branch can bear fruit by itself; it must remain in the vine. Neither can you bear fruit unless you remain in me.” John 15:4.

I had this crazy, “wait what?” moment when reading those same words from Jesus in my Bible. “Ohhhh, so that’s why days go a little bit smoother when I make time because I am remaining in Jesus, and giving Him an opportunity to remain in me throughout the day.”

I confess that somedays I get tempted to play around on my computer or phone before the little one wakes up instead of investing in time with the Lord because “yesterday” went well. I feel like I’m in a good place, but boy that never goes well. Why? Because I am but just a branch. I’m not the source from where joy or peace comes. The source is Jesus.

Walk outside or look out your window and look at a tree. There’s tons of branches all connected to the trunk which is being nourished beneath the ground in the roots. The branches have life. Now look at the branches that have broken off away from the tree. They are laying on the ground, dry, brittle, and most likely dead from the inside out.

So, you may be thinking, “but when do I find time to “get into God’s Word?” There’s literally no time in my day to do so.” I get it, it takes discipline and practice and a lot of grace to create space to sit at Jesus’ feet. But here’s the good news, it doesn’t have to be an hour long quiet time. It can be as simple as reading a couple scriptures and praying a simple prayer.

Here are creative ways to get into God’s Word:

  1. Write the Word Journal: I’ve often mentioned my Write the Word journal from Cultivate What Matters. Yes, I am an affiliate for Cultivate What Matters, but that is literally only because I personally use all of their products, and believe in them so much. I use my Write the Word daily, and it doesn’t take longer than 10 minutes to complete. You are given a scripture to write and space to do so within the pages. You are also given a second space for “what’s on your heart.” I use this space to write a prayer for the day so it doubles as a prayer journal. But, you can use this space to jot down ideas on what the scripture taught you, or if you are artistic you can use it to hand-letter, draw, or doodle the scripture or a certain word that stands out. What’s awesome about Cultivate What Matter’s Write the Word journal is that there are multiple version for various seasons in your life. If you want to cultivate prayer, forgiveness, gratitude, hope, joy, faith or renewal then each of the Write the Word journals are geared towards these areas. If you’re not sure what you want to dig deeper in, then any of the journals are a great place to start. Since I typically use my everyday, I’ve filled up several!
  2. 100 Days of Bible Promises: I admit I was drawn to this book because of the fun color throughout it. It’s beautiful and bright! But, the heartbeat of this book is within the pages as it points you to truths and promises God gives to each of us. If you have artistic hand, then this book is a lot of fun to take God’s promises from His Word, and create one of kind artwork. What better way to use the talents God gave you, than to be creative with His actual Word. If you want to see some awesome inspiration for what you can do inside the pages of the 100 Days of Bible Promises, search #100daysofBiblepromises on Instagram!
  3. Write the Word Journal for Kids: Yes, another amazing product from Cultivate What Matters. Last year they came out with a Write The Word Journal for Kids! What?! It’s incredible y’all! They recommend age range for kids 5-12, but I love when our 4 year-old says, “Oh I need to do my Bible journal.” She loves using stickers and colored pencils in hers! I love that it gives me an opportunity to read God’s Word because she can’t quite read yet, so I look up the scriptures for her and read them to her. 
  4. Our Family Teaching Bible: Friends, I am so excited about this one! This is a concept that I came up for a product in our shop. I’m calling it “Our Family Teaching Bible.” These will be hand-painted journaling Bibles, and will be a tool to teach your children and your family alongside each other while also serving as a place of creativity and artistic expression. These Bibles are quite large and heavy, so not a Bible you would take with you to church. Our’s lives on our dining table in our Family Devotional Center! For each page of scripture there is an accompanying blank page, that’s where the size and weight comes from! This blank page can be a place to write prayers for each other through the years, record milestones, journal or doodle special scriptures. The possibilities are endless with how you can use your Family Teaching Bible. It’s also a great place to use our Family Teaching Bible Companion Guide and Tabs. You can read more about that here.

What are your go-to creative ways to get into God’s Word? I’d love to know!

In Him, Tamara

Fine print: These link are affiliate links to DaySpring which means I make a small commission if you choose to purchase, but you are in no way charged anything extra! 

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