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You’ve read about our support for Cultivate What Matters before, and today we are celebrating with them on release day for PowerSheets 2019!! Yippee!! PowerSheets have been a monumental tool in cultivating a meaningful life in every aspect both personally and professionally over the last few years. We all set goals for approaching each new year, but how often do you make them, but then forget about them? Sometimes I can’t remember last week, much less a goal I set 10 months ago if it wasn’t written down.

Enter PowerSheets. They are the best way to uncover meaningful goals that truly matter.

Cultivating a Meaningful Life with PowerSheets | Lightfilledhome.com

Want to lose 10 pounds? Great. But using PowerSheets is going to push you dig deeper as to why. You may uncover that you really want to lose 10 pounds because you want to feel healthier and better in your own skin. You may want to lose 10 pounds because you really want to change lifestyle habits to eat more nourishing foods and elevate your energy levels so you can live life more fully. So now you’re getting somewhere. Now you have an intentional reason why you want to hit that goal, and you’re more likely to push yourself to do that workout, or buy and actually eat those fresh vegetables because you see the bigger picture.

Uncovering goals with PowerSheets is not about surface level goal setting, you dig deep throughout a year long process and document what has worked and what hasn’t to get you closer to the what matters most.

What I love about PowerSheets is that they PowerSheets are so versatile as to how you can use them.

Want a deeper prayer life? You can use PowerSheets to do it. Set goals using the monthly goal section to work through a prayer Bible study, or use the daily goal tracker to simply remember to spend time in prayer.

Want a richer marriage? You can set goals with PowerSheets to make it happen. My fall goals all start with “p” so for our marriage, my goal is to pucker-up and kiss on my sweet husband and often as possible.

Want to build your business? Uncover your “why?” with PowerSheets along the way, set attainable goals and see progress take shape.

Cultivating a Meaningful Life with Powersheets | Lightfilledhome.com

Here are a few ways I have been cultivating a meaningful life with PowerSheets over the years:

  1. Studying God’s Word and Prayer. Using PowerSheets helped to uncover the reason I want to study God’s Word and be faithful in prayer. It revealed that this simple act of faith and consistency helps me to start the day. When I start the day by sitting at the Lord’s feet I invite Him to spend the day with me. I’m often more calm, more patient, more gentle. Starting my day with the Lord helps me to be a better wife and mama because my perspective is from a place of worship.
  2. Engaging with my husband daily to keep our marriage a top priority. I always include something about our marriage on my PowerSheets. It might seem obvious, but if it matters to you, then include it in your own! We have discovered DateBox, a subscription date-night-at-home service. We enjoy a weekly chat session using our Navigator’s Council Journal to reconnect with questions that bring us back to oneness in the busyness of life. We are currently going through a 16 week marriage class called Re-Engage which has weekly group time and homework throughout the week. All of these end up on my PowerSheets each month so we can celebrate the goodness that comes with making our marriage a priority.
  3. Being a focused and present mama. From craft projects, Bible journaling together, working on lesson sheets together, to taking walks. I include ways to stay present with my daughter during the day when we are home together.
  4. Working daily on building a life-giving home. Laughing daily and doing my best to put my phone away for extended periods of time are the top two things I include in my PowerSheets each month. I also include family adventures like this past weekend we went to big Lego convention, and next weekend we’re hitting up a local farm for some pumpkin patchin’ fun. Apparently there’s pig racing too. Ha!
  5. Nourishing our bodies and setting an example of taking care of my body. On the weekly goal section, I often include meal planning as a simple reminder to plan ahead. Eat more vegetables can be something you include in your goals. I also always include some sort of movement. Whether it’s walking, jogging, once I had “do 100 squats”, now I have discovered P.Volve a new kind of exercise and I’m loving it. So as I mentioned earlier, it starts with a “p” so it’s the type of exercise I am going to focus on for the remainder of 2018. I set goals with exercise because I want to have the energy to always be able to play with Kerrington, any other children we may have, and eventually grandchildren. Setting habits for my health now will matter decades from now.
  6. Maintaining our floral business and building Light Filled Home. You may not know, but we also have a floral design company, Tamara Menges Designs that serves joyful couples on their first day as husband and wife. We have been in business over there for 9 years, and now we have Light Filled Home! We recently launched our first product, our Waiting on the Lord Bible study. We have also been hard at work creating several other products and PowerSheets have been monumental in helping to set goals on the production side all the way to creating a shot list for our recent product photo shoot.

As you can see I have personally used PowerSheets in pretty much every area of my life, and it is so fulfilling to see progress on goals that matter to me. Setting goals based on  a reason that resonates in your heart and soul is how you make progress on them. PowerSheets will encourage you to dig beneath surface level goal-setting to uncover the why behind your goals which will in turn start a fire inside you to take the steps to accomplish them.

Side Note: There are affiliate links within this post for PowerSheets, which means I make a small commission if you decide to purchase any products, but you are not charged for that commission at all! I’m only an affiliate because I thoroughly enjoy sharing my experience with PowerSheets and fully believe in them because I have seen them work! 

Have you ever used PowerSheets or any other type of goal setting tools? I’d love to hear your accomplishments or struggles!

Guess what else? I want to gift YOU with a $25 gift card to Cultivate What Matters Shop!
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Cultivate a Meaningful Life with PowerSheets | Lightfilledhome.com/blog

Cultivate a Meaningful Life with PowerSheets | Lightfilledhome.com/blog