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Did you know we were created to create? God, the Creator, is incredibly creative. It’s evident when you look at the colors in a rainbow, the various shapes of leaves on trees, the gorgeous array of feathers on parrots and peacocks, and when you catch a Texas sunset. God is creative. And because He made us in His image, like we read in Genesis 1:26, then we can believe that He made us to be creative as well.

Creativity looks different in each of our lives based on our desires and personalities. Architects and engineer’s creativity probably looks very different from a first grade teacher or a home-based baker (hello Great British Baking Show on Netflix!)  but neither of them is more or less creative.

Cultivating Creativity | Lightfilledhome.com/blog
Rachel Driskell Photography

For this summer I set a goal to cultivate a joy of daily creativity in my daughter’s heart.  She is four years old, and loves to color, paint, draw, dance, and sing! She can often be heard singing her lungs out, doing her best plié’s while holding onto the freezer door, or painting or coloring.

She recently started asking for paper during her rest time in the afternoons. We quickly began a collection of loose drawings with no real system to save them. I saw an idea to get her a mixed media sketchbook so that all of her artwork could be easily contained, and be saved as more of a keepsake. There was also the suggestion to get myself a sketchbook too, so it could be an intentional time of connection together, instead of a way to keep her busy while I tend to other things.

Rachel Driskell Photography

On our dining room table lives something we lovingly call “our family devotional center.” It houses our family Bible, devotionals, and a few other things that point us to Jesus. Beside it lives a container with our art supplies. It’s nicely contained and has a few separations for markers, colored pencils, gelatos, oil pastels, and watercolor paints and brushes. It sits neatly on top of our sketchbooks when we aren’t using them.

I feel like with them being on our dining table, it represents an invitation that is open-ended. An invitation to come sit a while, and just let our minds wander. There’s no question of whether or not she can be use her sketchbook at any particular time, nor do I have to feel like I constantly have to drag out the art supplies because she wants to color a picture.

Cultivating Creativity | Lightfilledhome.com/blog
Rachel Driskell Photography

It’s all there for her to use when she wants, and for me too. Since we both have our own notebooks, whenever creativity hits either of us it doesn’t feel like a chore to get all the supplies out in order to create.  I’ve personally been on a watercolor kick lately.  I love watching the various watercolors work together on a clean white page in my book.

Like I mentioned earlier, I got the idea of the sketchbook from a mom on Instagram, @sweetersidemom. She is an art teacher, but wanted to provide a way to connect with her children at home with art. She created an e-book that you can purchase and download through Etsy called The Little Sketchbook Squad E-book. It’s filled with ideas and prompts to get your creativity flowing.

Once I introduced the sketchbook idea to our daughter I wanted to do my best not to give her any specific instruction with her own book, with the exception that she needed to fill the page up. When she was using the loose papers she would often draw one thing on the paper with one color, then move on to a clean page. Even though the sketchbooks I bought have a lot of pages, I wanted to make sure she got the most out of it.

Cultivating Creativity | Lightfilledhome.com/blog
Rachel Driskell Photography

Having these sketchbooks easily accessible for the moments we are feeling creative has been such a joy. It has provided us intentional time together while we both have the freedom to be as colorful and messy as we want!

Our current art supplies:

  • Canson Mix Media Sketchbook (Micheals)
  • Crayola Markers
  • Faber-Castel Watercolor pencils (these were a gift from years ago, regular colored pencils would work just as great!)
  • Faber-Castell Gelatos Brights (Amazon)
  • Hand Made Modern Oil Pastels (Target)
  • Watercolor palette (Michaels)
  • Various size paintbrushes

Best memory so far?

When she painted the day Jesus died on one page, and then the joyful day He rose again complete with purple mountains, a blue sun, and a pink smiling Jesus!

How do you cultivate creativity in your home?

In Him, Tamara

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Cultivating Creativity | Lightfilledhome.com/blog