If you can’t tell already, I love color, and I love Christmas! Put those two together, and it’s bound to be festive and prayerfully full of Jesus. 

From throwing Jesus a birthday party, making homemade ornaments and chatting about the real story of Christmas, to writing as the Lord leads, my hope is to provide encouragement and be a Light in our dark world. 

Christmas is a time to celebrate our need for a Savior, and praise and worship the One who gave us one. 

Christmas is a time to humble ourselves and serve others as it is often a really hard time of the year for so many. 

I am praying for you, friend. I am praying that whatever stage of life you are in during this holiday season is an opportunity for you to see God’s hand and power in your life.  I am praying that the mission behind Light Filled Home of providing encouragement and tools to build a life-giving home to reflect the Light of Jesus shines brightly throughout this e-magazine. 

I am praying you see Jesus throughout these pages. 

May your Christmas and everyday be full of joy, laughter, and peace through the Holy Spirit! 

Because my prayer is that your Christmas season is full of joy, I am so grateful to so many who helped to make this e-magazine possible!

Rachel Driskell captured all of the images. Amy with All Things Planned helped out with styling at our big photo shoot. The Joyful Type Co. created all of the colorful hand-lettering you will see throughout the e-magazine.

The Astin Mansion gave us the perfect atmosphere and backdrop. Carly Cakes Sweets provided the cutest custom cookies. The Anthony Kitchen provided gorgeous foods, check out Kelly’s blog for recipes!

Party Time Rentals in College Station, Texas provided all of the rentals for our table setting. The Coterie Boutique provided some wardrobe! Lastly, I am very grateful for Stephanie Gray who edited all of the content for me because #runonqueen! 🙂

Thank you for your encouragement and support. I pray that you will see Jesus and joy in our newest e-magazine!

Merry Christmas from our family to yours! 

In Him, Tamara

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