Family Devotional Center

I am so excited to share a glimpse into something so special in our home! Our Family Devotional Center!

Recently, I took to Instagram Stories for help in “naming” our little station. All I could personally come up with was Family Devotional Center or Station, but I wanted to see if anyone else could think of something more unique! I had some lovely feedback and fun ideas, but Kerrington (our little girl) said, “I like Family Devotional Center.” So alas, its official name for our home is as it was.

We have had this sweet center on our dining table for quite some time, and it allows easy access for conversation at meal times to be centered around Jesus. We can simply grab what we want and have intentional time together.

If you are the neat and tidy type, then creating a space like this that is contained and also beautiful is a win!

Simply start off with a tray of some sort, depending on your style! I found ours at Target in the dollar spot last year! But, if you are more neutral, then a shallow woven basket type tray or wooden box would be perfect.

Next, simply fill it with products that you love that can spark conversation about Jesus.

Here’s what is in our Family Devotional Center:

Our Family Teaching Bible:

This is a hand-painted Bible that I painted for our family! Did you know we have others in the Shop?! It is a journaling Bible, and each page of scripture has a completely blank page that you can record milestones, doodle favorite scriptures, and write prayers for your family on. It’s a fairly large Bible as you can image since there’s a blank page in between each full page of scripture. So this Bible lives on our dining table!

Add a Family Teaching Bible to your Family Teaching Devotion Center HERE.

Our Mama and Me Bible Study:

This is our study that is in our shop that my daughter and I can easily grab when we want to do a lesson and craft together!

Add this to your own Family Devotional Center! Click HERE.

Our Family Discussion Cards:

We typically work on one card a day. Somedays at breakfast, other days at lunch or dinner time. Super quick to chat on what God wants for each of us, and create discussion time even with three year olds!

Add Family Discussion Cards to your own Family Devotional Center HERE.

Write the Word for Kids from Cultivate What Matters:

Our daughter loves grabbing her Bible Journal and being creative with it!

You can snag your own Write the Word for Kids HERE.

Stickers, colored pencils, and highlighters:

To invite creativity and wonder within the pages of our Family Teaching Bible and our Write The Word Journal for Kids!

The Princess Parables: Daughters of the King 90 Devotionals:

We absolutely adore the Princess Parables! So when I found their 90 devotionals, I knew we had to add it to our Family Devotional Center!

I let Kerrington flip through and pick one to read each day.

Each one has a scripture, a short story related, and then a prayer! Get yours HERE.

I know we will continue to add to our Family Devotional Center, but that is what we currently have sitting on our dining table!

It’s colorful, easy to grab from, and engaging so we can spend time as a family with Jesus!

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Images by Rachel Driskell Photography

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