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I’ve mentioned in another post that I used to have just one Bible. I knew it was enough, so I didn’t feel the need to have another other biblical resources. Besides, I didn’t know what or who to trust in terms of commentaries so it honestly just overwhelmed me.

However, when I wanted to start writing Bible studies I knew I needed to find some resources to help me further my knowledge. It would also help me better understand what the scriptures are saying. I wouldn’t need to rely just on my own interpretation.

I wanted to share our favorite resources with you in a post, and I would love to hear back on what you enjoy using in your study time as well.

Our Favorite Biblical Resources:

  1. Everyone in the Bible: This is a comprehensive book that gives information on each person named in the Bible. It can help you understand which Mary is being talked about in various New Testament passages since there are multiple! (The link in the title is for a new book that is the same type of book as ours because ours is old and was found on Ebay!)
  2. Handbook of Biblical Archaeology: My husband and I both love archaeology. This is an awesome resource to see color pictures of findings that correlate with scripture.
  3. The NIV Life Application Study Bible: This Bible has footnotes with commentary at the bottom of each page. If a certain scripture is hard to understand or you just want to read a modern day commentary on what the scripture says this is a great way to study a little more in depth.
  4. Our Family Teaching Bible: So this is simply a Bible, but what I LOVE about our Family Teaching Bible is that each page of scripture is accompanied with a full blank page. We can write prayers in this space, or draw pictures of Bible stories, or keep up with milestones! We have these painted Family Teaching Bibles in our shop, and you can even customize your color so that it reflects your home decor!
  5. Various translations of Bibles: We have an NIV, ESV, and a NKJV. By simply reading a verse in a different translation can sometimes help to better understand it.
  6. Women of the Word by Jen Wilkin: I love this easy to read resource that easily lays out practical ways to study God’s Word. This is a great book to give new believers, or to help yourself better study as well! I read through it several years ago when I first began to really want to know more about God’s Word.
  7. Next resource to add: Hebrew Greek Key Word Study Bible: “The text of the Hebrew-Greek Key Word Study Bible is in English with the key Hebrew and Greek words underlined and numbered for cross-reference study to the original languages from which the Bible was translated.” – This is part of the explanation included for this particular Bible from www.Christianbook.com. For example, in English we use “love” for all kinds of love, but in Greek there are multiple words to explain different kinds of love in the Bible. With this key word study bible, I would be able to know which type of love is being talked about in a specific scripture.
Favorite Biblical Resources | Lightfilledhome.com/blog
Image by Rachel Driskell Photography

There ya have it! These are our current biblical resources we have in our home, and one that we want to add soon!

What are you favorite ways to dig deeper in your Biblical knowledge and wisdom?

In Him, Tamara

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Favorite Biblical Resources | Lightfilledhome.com/blog