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I believe it’s never too early to start talking about God with our children, even big theological topics. When our daughter was just an infant and we would go on walks, even though she couldn’t talk yet, I would tell her all the things we were walking past. Trees, creeks, bushes, bugs, butterflies, flowers. I would say, “Look, there’s a butterfly. Did you know that God made the butterflies?”

It was a simple conversations, but it was rooted in Truth. Truth that God created our world and I wanted to teach her regardless if she understood what I was saying or not at such a young age.

“It’s never too early to shepherd our children’s heart to how big God is!”

Play What God Made | Lightfilledhome.com/blog

These sweet conversations have evolved and grown deeper with our now almost 5-year old. We talk about the shapes of the clouds and look for pictures in them to spark her imagination. We talk about Heaven and how God is always with us no matter where we are.

We find rocks together and paint on them to spread joy and encouragement. (I’ll never forget when we found one that someone else had painted and left after we left ours!) All while chatting about God’s creation and that He indeed created everything!

I thought it would be fun to commission Hillary of Joyful Type Co. to create a colorful nature scavenger hunt of sorts to encourage kids to look at the nature around them and think a little deeper about the incredible things God created in our world.

You can easily download our “What God Made” nature walk and print it off!

We included a full color version and a black and white to help out with ink for your printers!

I pray this gives you special time outside together as a family as you look a little closer to the creation that God spoke into existence when He created the world!

In Him,


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Play What God Made | Lightfilledhome.com/blog