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Bedtime is typically really hard for us. I’m not sure why honestly, but it seems to be a battle more often than not. Our daughter’s obedience and optimal behavior can from go pretty good to non-existent within 10.5 seconds once bath time is over. My husband encourages me by saying it’s because our daughter just doesn’t want the day to end, and she likes spending time with me so she acts out because of it.

Whatever the case, I see a tangible need to pray for strength and gentleness because when I’m only pulling my own strength then it ends in tears and frustration. But, the times I invite Jesus into our bedtime routine, I find so much more joy and patience when our daughter gets a crazy second wind of crazed hyper four year old energy.

One thing that I do love about our bedtime routine is our nightly questions.

We ask the same questions every night and share the answers. It provides time to hear about each others days, and just be still together and reflect how the Lord carried us through our day.

Intentional Family Questions

What was your favorite part of the day?

This question was the first question that started our daily questions. We used to just ask this question and it was usually at dinner. I love that it gives us a moment to think about the whole day (because let’s be honest, sometimes they blur by right?) and helps us foster contentment in our hearts. Even on bad days, there is something we can always be thankful for, and in turn was probably our favorite part.

What made you laugh today?

This question helps cultivate a sense of finding joy everyday. Simply being silly and seeking joy can turn a hard day or week into something really fruitful. We hold a high value on laughter so we try to keep our eyes up and find something to laugh at. Whether we are laughing at our puppy chasing her tail or something funny that happened at school, I love to hear little tid bits of my daughter’s day especially when I’m not with her now that she’s in school 4 days a week. This question helps her understand that there’s always room for laughter and joy.

What are three things you are thankful for right now?

This question is great for cultivating gratitude. In our culture, we often are bombarded with all the things we don’t have that we “should” have. This can leave us feeling like we are missing out. I mean have you ever browsed the toy section at Target with a kid? But, when we take time to notice all God has already blessed us with we focus on Him instead of what everyone else has. In reality we most likely have way more than we deserve anyway.

How were you Jesus’ Light today?

This is my favorite question we ask, and it’s the last one. I also feel it’s the most important. We are called to share Jesus with others. Sometimes that’s big acts of kindness, sometimes its going on a mission trip. But, it can also be in simple small actions throughout our day. Did you make a new friend today? Or smile at someone or open the door for them? What about obeying your teachers well? These are all examples of sharing Jesus’ Light to those around us simply by showing kindness and respect.

Do you have daily questions you ask your kids?

I love questions that get them to really think about their answers instead of yes or no questions. This time is so sweet because its after bath time, Bible time, prayers and a game. It’s the last thing we do in our nightly bedtime routine. What a joy it is to make it to the other side of the battle that is winding down to a time of reflecting on God’s blessings right before our little one goes to sleep.

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Intentional Questions | Lightfilledhome.com/blog