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You know the saying, “monkey see, monkey do?” I heard that growing up and becoming a mama has shown me that our little girl sees everything. The good and the bad. And sometimes I see my bad come out in her, like when she gets frustrated easily, etc.

Thankfully, however, there are also a lot of good things she picks up too, and it brings so much joy when it happens. One, for example, is her entrepreneurial mind.

During quarantine, we were playing “flower shop” together and making some flower arrangements to leave for our neighbors around our neighborhood. She also wanted to create a little video of her talk about her arrangements after doing a few videos with me for our other business. In her video, she mentioned her shop name “Kerrington’s Kindness Shop” all from her own imagination.

Kerrington's Kindness Shop | Lightfilledhome.com/kerrington

The name stuck and now she has a real life business.

Kerrington’s Kindness Shop is a place to find handmade items from Kerrington, our sweet and spunky five-year old.

Each item is a little unique given the nature of being five years old, but we have talked extensively that she needs to build “inventory” that looks the same and has more than one of each type of product.

I love that I can teach her life skills at such a young age. Skills like creating and owning a business, the work that goes into it, perseverance, patience, money management, tithing, and goal-setting are just a few of the key ideas we have talked about together.

Kerrington's Kindness Shop | Lightfilledhome.com/kerrington

Kerrington desires to be able to share Jesus with others, raise money for a local animal shelter, and also earn her own money so that she can buy “all the things”. 🙂

She is VERY excited to have her own “website” which is a just a page that gives you more information about Kerrington’s Kindness Shop.

So head over and check out her little section of the internet and her sweet little products! She has ornaments made out of polymer clay and beaded bracelets.

Kerrington's Kindness Shop | Lightfilledhome.com/kerrington

She has set a goal of raising $100 for the Grimes County Animal Rescue and each purchase allows her to get closer!

In Him, Tamara