We are so excited to introduce and announce Kerrington’s Kindness Shop!

Kerrington’s Kindness Shop is a place to find handmade items from Kerrington Snow! Our sweet and spunky five-year-old.

She loves to craft and create! She is learning about business and what it takes to have her own like creating products, building an inventory, styling photos, to name a few lessons.

Kerrington’s mission is to be able to give to other kids who don’t have much and bring joy to them while sharing about Jesus, while also earning her own money to make her own purchases.

After learning of a local organization that is hosting a fundraiser for building an animal rescue shelter, Kerrington is focusing the sales of her products for raising money to donate to the Grimes County Animal Rescue.

You can find out more about Kerrington’s Cause: Grimes County Animal Rescue HERE

Kerrington’s Kindness Shop currently includes an assortment of polymer clay ornaments and prayer bracelets for both adults and children.

Abstract Nativity Scene
Abstract Diversity Girls
Abstract Diversity Boys
Women’s “Pray” Bracelet
Child’s “Pray” Bracelet
“Pray” Bracelet Set