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Did you know writing a children’s book is extremely expensive?! From the illustrations to the printing making up the bulk of the cost to editing, shipping, etc. It all adds up pretty quickly. I spent a few months reading and learning and participating in a children’s author Facebook group. I also chatted with my friend and book coach Charity Rios, and landed on the desire to run my first Kickstarter campaign.

A Kickstarter campaign is a way to raise money (not by donations, but by collecting pre-orders) for creative projects. A lot of authors utilize Kickstarter campaigns simply to help offset the cost of self-publishing their book.

However, the catch with Kickstarters is that they are an all or nothing type of funding.

You set a specific monetary goal and a specific time frame before you “launch” your campaign. Then you have to reach your goal amount or you don’t get any of the money people pledged.

So if you set a goal of $3000 in 30 days and you only raised $2850 at the end of the timeframe, then no one that pledged to support your project gets charged and you don’t get anything. So it really puts the pressure on to say the least.

I looked over tons of other Kickstarter campaigns and paid attention to what they looked like, what they included, etc. I also had a book trailer created. Because I did not want this to not be successful.

What is neat about most Kickstarters is that there are various levels of support.

I had different price points to fit in anyone’s price point and budget because literally every dollar counts to get you to your goal.

Within the various levels of pledge amounts everyone will receive a signed copy of the book, digital download for coloring sheets.

But I also had tote bags, kids tshirts, stickers, and wrapping paper sheets as additional items.

Happy birthday Jesus | lightfilledhome.com/blog

We also included bulk ordering for churches and ministries. They could purchase 50 copies of the book heavily discounted from retail value. We also have this same discount listed as a pre-order in our shop!

Running a Kickstarter is not for the faint of heart.

It’s a whole different type of marketing. I emailed, text, posted, and felt like begged everyone I could think of to check out the campaign. I’m not one to be pushy or salesy. But I believe in the message of our book so much that those that I believed those I reached out to would love it.

What really encouraged me to run with doing a Kickstarter campaign was something my friend Charity said, “Kickstarters are a great way to get people excited about your book before it even comes out!”

I am forever grateful to each and every friend who supported our campaign. It was fully funded with just a day or so to spare!

Praise Him!

It is such a joyful feeling that is was successful. With the Lord’s help and His prompting of everyone who supported it. It would not have happened without Him!

So without further adue… here are our Kickstarter stats!

Happy birthday Jesus Kickstarter | lightfilledhome.com/blog

In Him,


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