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I’m a big fan of continuing education! I enjoy learning more about something I already love, while also growing and stretching myself. I like to also apply the idea of continuing education to my faith, motherhood, and especially marriage.

We stay intentional and make time for what matters most. And our marriages should be our most important relationship right after our personal relationship with Jesus.

Marriage is prayerfully a marathon, one that you run together alongside the Lord to give you strength and comfort through the inevitable hard times that come.

What better way to learn and grow as a couple through reading and studying God’s Word and also gleaning wisdom from other seasoned couples. Couples who have been where you have been, who seek the Lord for what to write and then follow through ending up with a book full of biblical wisdom.


Rich Rollins and Marty Trammell have done just that with their book Love Lock: Creating Lasting Connection With The One You Love.

Rollins and Trammell identify that our culture is connected so socially through various media outlets, but in reality we’re actually disconnected. We need to ensure this does permeate through our marriage.

Love Lock encourages us to seek intentionality with our relationships, most importantly our marriages.

Rollins and Trammell have a combined total of 60 years in biblical counseling, so you can imagine what they have helped couples work through.

As noted within the introduction, Love Lock is organized into various sections that Rollins and Trammell have personally seen couples struggle with over the course of their careers.

  • I need to feel understood.
  • I need to feel valued.
  • I need to feel part of the one I love.
  • I need to feel respected and cherished.
  • I need to be able to trust the one I love.
  • I need to experience more resolution and less conflict.

You can identify with those right? I feel we all desire each of these on some level.

Love Lock will help you uncover and attain these through practical steps at the end of each chapter.

I love when books include action steps. Tangible ways to put into practice what you are reading. It’s one thing to simply read something, agree with it, and want to adopt it into your lifestyle. It’s another to actually do it.

Whether the authors are encouraging you to write down differences you each have personally in your marriage and the benefits of those differences, or encouraging you to observe a husband/wife appreciation day, you will be inspired and refreshed with simple ways to dig deeper into your marriage.

Love Lock is available on Amazon or Barnes and Noble!

I am grateful to have been given a copy of Love Lock to review. All thoughts are my own!

Do you enjoy reading marital books together as a couple?

I’d love to hear your favorites!

In Him, Tamara

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