We often have access to a lot of cardboard, as I’m sure you do too (hello Amazon Prime.) Instead of just throwing it away or recycling, why not “upcycle” it into a Bible lesson craft! We recently used some of our cardboard boxes to learn how we should Love Our Neighbor.

Love Your Neighbor Bible Lesson and Craft

  1. Cut out simple shapes of rectangles, squares, and triangles (it can even be a lesson on shapes too!)
  2. Paint them solid colors (this is a great lesson to teach “listening to instructions,” I really enjoy when she uses her creativity, but I also want her to be able to follow instructions too, so I emphasized “for this project I want you to keep each piece it’s own color.” )
  3. Let them dry
  4. Pair up the “house” parts with the “roof” parts, and add the square “window” parts.
  5. Glue together and let dry again.
  6. Bonus: Write Matthew 22:39 and a kind personal message on the back and deliver to your neighbors!

While we painted and glued, we talked about how God makes each of us different. We all think different, look different, speak different, and act different.

I talked about how it’s important that we treat everyone with kindness and respect, and that God cares for everyone the same, so He wants us to do the same.

If you want to take it a step further, you can even add a memorization verse in there!

This was a simple craft and lesson that took just a few minutes of cutting out shapes and some space to get messy, but offered a wonderful opportunity to teach scripture and how we should treat those around us!


In Him, Tamara

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