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I desire to build a culture of service in our family. But, if I am being honest, having a servant heart doesn’t really come naturally for me. I often air on the side of selfishness, rather than selflessness. Therefore, my goal as a wife and mama is to help us recognize as many opportunities as possible to serve and bless others in hopes that not only will it help me to grow in servanthood, but also that serving will become second nature to our daughter.

I got the idea of these fun “lunchtime kindness cards” from the random acts of kindness that typically pop up around the holidays. I wanted to create a tangible way to get kids to pay attention to their surroundings while they are at lunch and at school. Is someone sitting alone? Does anyone look hungry? Is trash on the ground?

lunchtime kindness cards | lightfilledhome.com/free

I thought this would be a great printable for you, our sweet readers, to be able to print off and place inside their lunches to gently encourage your own student to look around and find ways to serve others.

In your download there are 18 colorful and whimsical cards that you can print, cut out, and place inside lunches!

In Him, Tamara

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