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It’s often said that the best way to meet goals is to write them down. Whether you are trying to pay off debt, or training for a marathon. The same can be said of marriage. Marriage is much like a marathon. Prayerfully it is lifelong covenant between a husband and wife where there are ups and downs, life changes, growing and stretching in both hearts all while racing hand-in-hand towards Jesus.

A marriage mission statement is a way to have a visual reminder of what is important to you as a couple so that on those hard days it will serve as a tool to keep focused on what matters most.

Enagaged couples, what better way to prepare for your marriage, and perhaps writing your own vows (if you caught our last post) than creating a marriage mission statement together. Already married? It’s never too late to create a mission or vision statement for your marriage. So let’s get started!

7 Ideas for Writing Your Marriage Mission Statement:

  1. Keep it intentional and simple. Your marriage mission statement should be based on your beliefs and core values. Do you believe in God? Do you feel compelled to minister to the widows and orphans? Do you believe in caring and serving each other? Do you believe in prayer?
  2. Define your core values together as a couple. Some examples of core values are honesty, accountability, faith, open communication, friendship, serving others. The list can go on and on. Write them out and circle 3-5 that jump out to each of you, then chat about similarities and differences you both have together.
  3. From your core-values create statements (or sentences!) based on those core values. For example: One of our core values is faith. So part of our marriage mission statement reads, “We begin and end each day with prayer together.” Notice that the sentence starts with “we.” I think this is the best part of writing this together. You are discussing what matters most to you as a couple, so start each of your sentences with “we” to keep it personal and what you agree to do each day of your lives.
  4. Define the purpose of your marriage. From a biblical point of view, our marriages are supposed to be a picture of how Jesus loves His bride (the church.) But you could also pray that your marriage is a Light for others who see you interact together. Or more importantly current or future children.  While the purpose of your marriage is not just for your children to live a happy and secure childhood, children do need stability from a joyful marriage. If we are working on our marriages everyday and being intentional that absolutely will be witnessed by our children.
  5. Incorporate favorite scriptures into your mission statement.  Write sentences inspired by the scripture, but reworded to make it personal. At the end of your sentence include the scripture reference. For example: “Above all, love each other deeply because love covers a multitude of sins.” 1 Peter 4:8 is your scripture. So this particular sentence or thought for your marriage mission statement could be, “We will love each other with boldness, so we are able to forgive quickly.”
  6. Add some personality! You can add an inside joke, a favorite movie quote or a nod to a favorite memory. For us we chose to end our marriage mission statement with, “we are each other’s lobsters.” If you are a fan of Friends, then you get it. 🙂
  7. Turn it into artwork! Have it hand-lettered or type it up on your computer so that you can hang it on your wall as a reminder you can read everyday!

Thank you SO Much to Dana Fernandez Photography for capturing these images of our marriage mission statement, and Dionne of Nib and Pixel for beautifully writing ours for a lifelong keepsake!