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When the world shut down and we couldn’t go to church for Easter or Good Friday service we got creative with being intentional to focus on what Jesus did on the cross. We used our big wooden cross my husband built for me for my floral business and we listed out a bunch of our sins. Not all because we didn’t have weeks to spend doing it! Ha! 🙂

We each listed out several sins and wrote them in red marker on slips of white paper to signify His perfect and sinless life, and he blood He poured out to save us from our sins.

The cross and our sins | Lightfilledhome.com/blog

Then we took turns nailing each of our sins to the cross.

We spent a lot of time talking together about how our sins are what Jesus took on Himself willingly, and that even after being nailed to the cross on our behalf He still had compassion and love for us.

Thankfully, Jesus’s crucifixion and death was a one-time event, but isn’t that amazing. He made everything RIGHT during that darkest day, and then He defeated all that sin and death when He rose on the third day following. Praise Him!

The cross and our sins | Lightfilledhome.com/blog

This is a great way to teach your kids about the cross. It takes strength and power to nail the nails into the wood on the cross. So encourage them to think about it being Jesus’s body that was being nailed to the cross.

I found this tabletop cross on Amazon. It comes in a pack of 2, so maybe you can share with a friend, but it is the perfect activity for this Easter and it stands up so you can display with your sins nailed to it to remember that Jesus took all of our sins and in return gives us eternal life with Him when we place our faith in Him.

The cross and our sins | lightfilledhome.com/blog

All images by Melissa Darst Photography.

In Him, Tamara

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