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A fresh new cover for our interactive guide to biblically teach, correct and cultivate behaviors and attributes in your children. Formerly Family Teaching Bible Companion Guide. The inside stayed the same, just the cover got an update!

  • Guide includes positive behaviors and behavior corrections with several scripture references for each behavior.
  • Guide also includes questions to ask your child to give them the opportunity to think about the behaviors you are addressing, and get to your child’s heart.
  • Tabs are laminated, adhesive, and correspond to the behaviors in the guide for you to place in your Bible or one of our Family Teaching Bibles to easily reference.




As parents, it can be easy to want to manipulate our children’s behavior in the heat of the moment. From disobedience and defiance to complaining and arguing, situations can arise where we just want our children to change their behavior. However, when we get a hold of our children’s hearts in a way that points them to Jesus, we can teach them to obey and behave in a way that is pleasing to us as their parents and ultimately the Lord.

  • Our Biblical Behaviors Guide is an interactive way to shepherd our children’s hearts to the Lord and create a grace-filled environment to make mistakes, but also grow and learn from them.
  • The corresponding tabs create a quick reference guide within your Bible to easily find behavior to discuss and correct or an attribute to celebrate by showing your children in God’s Word.


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