Merciful Bible Study


Our Merciful Study includes 10 in depth lessons on sin, God’s merciful heart, and that Jesus was sent to save us from our sin providing a way back to God.

Lessons are:

  • Adam and Eve
  • Noah
  • Moses
  • Rahab
  • Jonah
  • David
  • The woman at the well
  • The woman caught in adultery
  • Saul, also known as Paul
  • The Perfect Lamb, the reason we have hope in the midst of our sin. We discuss why and how Jesus was able to offer atonement for our sins, and even what that looked like for Him.



In our Merciful Bible study we walk through scripture and uncover God’s merciful heart through His Word and His people, but also how we can see God’s merciful heart in our own sin.

The first nine lessons we dig into the stories of Adam and Eve, Noah, Moses, Rahab, Jonah, David, the woman at the well, the woman caught in adultery, and Paul. Then our last lesson is all about Jesus coming to be the Perfect Lamb and sacrifice for all of our sins.

Each lesson includes several take-aways, or key points, as well as a final “Merciful Truth” that ties the entire lesson down to one main idea.

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