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The holidays can be really hard for many people, and maybe even you. I find myself even feeling sadness this year. Sadness I wasn’t quite expecting. We had a due date of January 2 for our second baby, but we never got to meet that baby here on earth. Our daughter has recently started to ask and pray for a baby brother or sister, and given our history with her birth (she was born 6 weeks early) we could have already had a newborn with us.

I wasn’t expecting sadness now since we lost the baby in May, but now that our due date is approaching, I can’t help but feel a longing for holding a new baby. I was also hopeful we would have been able to celebrate another new life for Christmas, not to replace the baby we lost, but to simply be able to see God’s plan in a different way and feel His goodness.

When you are believer in Christ, you know in your head that God is good. You may even know it in your heart, but sometimes what we feel here on earth just doesn’t feel good does it?

Christ promises in this world we will have trouble (John 16:33), but we can rejoice that He already defeated death and sin on the cross and He is coming back again.



Did you know that happiness and joy are not the same thing. We can have joy, and not necessarily feel happiness. We can have joy and still feel sadness.

Happiness is based on our circumstances, our surroundings.

Joy is found when you believe this part of the story is not the end of the story.

Joy is found when you cling to day you are clothed in the righteousness of Jesus, and you get to meet Him face to face and melt into His arms alongside those you loved and may have lost here on earth. I imagine the day I get to meet Jesus He will be walking towards me holding our baby, smiling, with His arms opened wide. I pray He says, “well done, my good and faithful servant.”

When you experience pain and sadness during the holidays you can find joy when you get to celebrate the birth of Jesus because He was born not only as a tiny baby in a manger among animals, but He was born as our Savior. Once we trust in Him, our sins are washed white as snow, but He will also one day wash away all the pain and sadness we feel here. One day we will get to sit at His feet.

What pain do you have that is weighing on you?

I encourage you to head to Psalms in your Bible. There are various types of Psalms, but some are called “lamenting” Psalms.  So many are beautiful lamenting psalms where the authors (mostly David) pour out their sadness and despair at the Lord’s feet.

A lament is a cry of grief. There is much grief and desperation woven throughout the Bible. Some of the grief experienced is based on consequences due to disobedience from God’s people, but other desperation and heartache is simply for a purpose. A purpose that may not be revealed in the short term.  We are not God. We do not understand His plan sometimes, and sometimes there so much pain associated with it that it can cause us to question His goodness.

But He is good, friend. So good. He feels your pain and wants you to bring it to Him and lay it at His feet.

I love reading through Psalms because they show us it’s OK to bring big emotions to God. He desires for us to give our hurts, our pain, our hearts to Him. He desires for us to give all of us to Him, and we can’t do that if we aren’t willing to give Him the ugly parts too. We have to let our guard down, the one we put up for everyone else, to allow Him in and share in our pain.

That is where we find joy and peace in the midst of our pain.

Here are a few great Psalms I pray bless you or that you can share with someone else during this season:

Psalm 16

Psalm 34

Psalm 71

Psalm 102

Psalm 142

“The Lord is close to the brokenhearted, and saves those crushed in spirit.” Psalm 34:18.

In Him, Tamara

Seeking Joy through Pain during the Holidays | Lightfilledhome.com/blog


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