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Back to school is always so full of wonder and excitement! As a kid, my favorite part was school supplies shopping Now as a mom, I’m not going to lie I still get a little school-girl giddy when it’s time to shop for my daughter!

However, today more than ever we need to be ever more itentional with setting our kids up for success as they start a new school year that will prayerfully be one full of learning and growing into the person that God created them to be.

So how can we set our kids up for success? How can we help them to go out into the big world with Truth in their hearts and a sturdy foundation of Who’s they are no matter what they face at school.


Here are a few ways that I help my daughter start her day off right, and “right” for us means starting her day with Jesus and acknowledging she is His.

  • When she gets ready in the mirror whether she is brushing her teeth or combing her hair- when she looks in the mirror at herself, I encourage her to speak Truth to herself. She says, ” I am brave, I am smart, I am beautiful, I am funny, I am creative, I am a treasure because God made me that way.”
  • We listen to Christian music on the way to school. We have about a 30-minute drive each way to her school so on the way there we listen to our favorite Christian radio station. We sing aloud and know that what we are listening to is Truth-filled.
    • We have also enjoyed listening to the Truth Seekers Bible Stories for Kids Podcast
    • The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls by M.J. Thomas on audiobook
    • The Johnathan Park Adventures Series are on CDs or you can download them. They are, however, very dramatic and theatrical but have a ton of scripture and biblical truth.
  • Once we arrive at school and are waiting in line for drop off we will each pray and then read through a devotional together. We have several favorite devotionals that we rotate through that we keep in the car, and this only takes maybe 3-4 minutes.

School days can be stressful. Getting everyone out of the door on time, remembering all the different things they need for school, making sure you as a parent are ready for your day, and oh! Their water bottle!

We aren’t perfect with these by any means, but that is where grace comes in. Give yourself grace if you only have enough time to tell your kids you love them while they are shuffling out the door. There have been many days hugs are rushed and she’s jumping out of the car in a hurry. But the days we arrive just a few minutes early so we can at least pray for our together those are the days that feel less weighty. Those are the days that feel like we have each been set up for success because we intentionally invited Jesus into our day.

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