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We have built a home that cultivates creativity. We believe that God created us to be creative because we know that He is very creative. I don’t think you can look out over a canyon, see a sunset or a rainbow, or notice how intricately He has created our bodies and not recognize how incredibly creative He is.

You can imagine that I love introducing any sort of biblically based books, crafts, and journals into our home where God’s Word can be explored through creativity.

The new Devotional Doodle Journal is a such a fun and interactive way to do just that!

The Devotional Doodle Journal is created for an opportunity to express ourselves in a new way by unlocking our artistic side through answering various prompts and then drawing and doodling to further your time sitting at Jesus’ feet.

I love that I can use this with our daughter as well! We can read the prompts together and then she can help me to add color and drawings to the doodling pages.

Within each layout you are given a writing prompt and space to write your thoughts, and the facing page has a doodling prompt related to the written section. You are encouraged to pray and there are scriptures woven through the journal as well.

The Devotional Doodle Journal | Lightfilledhome.com/blog
Rachel Driskell Photography

For us mamas with little ones at home who feel a void of having the same kind of quiet time we were afforded before kids, The Devotional Doodle Journal is the perfect way to still be in God’s Word without feeling like we need ___ amount of time in silence to accomplish it.

The Devotional Doodle Journal offers a place of sitting with Jesus and welcoming distractions of kids playing or asking 10 different questions before you can finish reading the first sentence of the written prompt.

The Devotional Doodle Journal | Lightfilled.com/blog
Rachel Driskell Photography

You can leave it out, tend to your children and come back without feeling like you are missing out. You can also invite them into the process by reading the prompts and scriptures to them, and then allow them to color and draw with you!

The Devotional Doodle Journal is a fun way to model to our children that God’s Word is important, but also fun. While you are teaching them that important lesson, you are learning that being in God’s Word is life giving. Whether you have an hour of uninterrupted quiet and prayer time, or 5 minutes to doodle and sketch, God can use whatever time you have to fill your cup.

In Him, Tamara

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