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The world is overcome with so many emotions right now. From grief to fear to anxiety and so many more. It’s hard not to scroll through social media, but I’ve noticed my own heart that those negative emotions and fears run much higher when I allow myself too much screen time. A lot of us just want to check out because we’ve been stuck home for multiple days already, and currently with how much changes daily we don’t know when the social distancing recommendations will lift, but we can very quickly spiral down into a rabbit hole of daunting thoughts that leave us even more heavy-hearted than we started out.

I’d like to encourage you with a few tips on how to make the most of this time of mandated rest also known as #thegreatquaratineof2020.

Tips for thriving during quarantine:

  • Create a schedule. Most of us need some sort of routine and rhythm, especially kids. So whether you’re brand new to homeschooling or just trying to figure out how to fill your days of being home all day, create a schedule. It can be a loose schedule, and you can give yourself grace when it waivers, but having some sort of routine in place can help the days feel more productive.

Here’s how our day looks:

  1. Sleep until we wake up, no alarms! 🙂
  2. Devotional, Bible Journal, Breakfast
  3. Mama does a workout, Kerrington plays
  4. Schoolwork time- We were already part-time homeschool so that was a blessing with needing to go full time.
  5. Lunch and a show or two- current favorites are SuperBook (PureFlix) Fancy Nancy, Puppy Dog Pals, and Doc McStuffins (Disney Plus)
  6. Playtime with mama (outside, inside, imaginary, etc)
  7. Rest/quiet time- (Our girl hasn’t napped since before she was two so she plays in her room for at least an hour so we can all have quiet time.)
  8. Finish school work if needed, start dinner
  9. Eagerly wait for Daddy to get home, play outside!
  • Encourage independent playtime for little ones. I have a 4-year-old and she’s an only child so when we are home she constantly wants all my attention. But, I’m doing my very best to encourage her to have some time when she plays by herself. I even try to explain that there’s a lot of research (she loves the word research!) that says kids really need to spend time using their own imaginations! Ha! This may sound silly, but sometimes I really think she “gets it” plus I’m a huge proponent of treating her like an adult because I am raising her to be an adult one day, so when I give her instruction like “I need you to play by yourself for a little while”, I back it up with why.
  • Get moving. It’s most likely your kids who have built up energy during the day, but I promise it will do you good as well if you get outside with them! There are also a TON of exercise videos on Youtube, some that you can even do together with your kids. Move your body to release endorphins and help with combating any sort of negative feelings during this time of quarantine.
  • Get outside. Get outside in the fresh air, run around your yard, go for a walk around the neighborhood. Go for a nature walk. By simply getting outside and absorbing some vitamin D, you give yourself much-needed space to breathe in God’s goodness and stillness.
  • Instill a family-wide daily quiet time. This is essential friends. Seriously the most important because it is time we spend with God. He is with us through our entire days, but we each need time to simply sit and be with Him. Your quiet time may look like 3 minutes in the shower. You may have a baby and a toddler at home right now. You may be doing your best at homeschooling. It may not be the hour you typically get after school drop off, but even 5 minutes will change your outlook on the situation that we are trying our best to wade through one day at a time. Shower time, before kids wake up after kids go to bed, naptime, lunchtime while they watch a show. Make time for the Lord each day. He will give you the peace and comfort you desire right now. Chose to spend some of your time with the Lord, instead of scrolling or cleaning.
  • Discover and/or enjoy a hobby. I LOVE being creative in a wide range of ways! From painting to making jewelry to playing with polymer clay, sewing, you name it. We’ve been at home really since the middle of Spring break, so almost 2 weeks for us. I really think being creative each day has helped me to battle boredom and keep me from going stir crazy since we enjoy being “out and about!” I can’t tell you how many bracelets we have made together! Ps. Did you know you can find countless how-to videos on painting, drawing, etc on youtube.com for free?
  • Seek joy during this mandated time of rest. At the end of the day reflect as a family your favorite parts. What did you learn today? How did you use your imagination or creativity? What made you laugh?

The world wants us to be consumed and glued to our phones with despair around the world. The enemy wants to steal any sort of joy and gratitude that we can clean from this time of quarantine. He wants us to drown.

But, God wants us to recognize that perhaps this may be a gift. A time of presence and intentionality with our families. Creating memories, finding out how strong we really are. Uncovering how resourceful we are, how giving we are, how we can build life-giving homes in the midst of chaos and turmoil. We turn our eyes and homes to Jesus.

How are you and your family thriving during the COVID-19 quarantine?

In Him, Tamara

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Thriving during quarantine | Lightfilledhome.com/blog