The enemy is alive and well and not just surviving but thriving in the midst of our world right now. He won’t stop until Jesus comes back, but we can knock Satan down a few notches by saying, “enough is enough”. It’s time to stand bold. it’s time to stand together. It’s time to rise above.

A couple of weeks ago, when George Floyd’s brutal murder caused many of us to take a step back, and for some us (me included) to finally view our society with truly open eyes I needed a way to express myself creatively.

I had so many words and thoughts and questions and needed to put them into something. I immediately got the idea to create a floral arrangement of what I dreamed our world would really look like one day. A beautiful display of each of us united. Intertwined. Standing tall among each other.

This is what we should look like. Standing together united.

United Together | Lightfilledhome.com/blog

These colors of blacks, browns, beiges and creams, whites and peaches are standing together. Each color beautiful on its own, but together they have dimension. Each one complements the one beside it. They are more beautiful together, mixed among each other.

When our country abolished slavery, it did not abolish racism.

People of color gained rights, but they did not gain respect.

I fully believe that racism is learned and is a sin. It is a sin that is a result from the very first sin when humanity chose their own desires and in doing so placed themselves above the God that created them. We are each born in sin, each of us, but I personally believe that hate as well as racism is a learned behavior.

United together | Lightfilledhome.com/blog

If I’m being honest I already thought our society did mirror this floral arrangement, but as my eyes and heart have been opened and broken I know that is not the reality.

I was ignorant to think that because those in the Black community have the same rights as me, that they no longer struggle with hate and racism.

But my eyes are open now. My heart is open. My hands are open.

I am learning, listening, and praying for change.

In Him, Tamara

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