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I’ve been thinking a lot about Noah lately. Actually, for quite a while his story has been on my mind, but now in the midst of COVID-19, I’ve been meditating on it more so.

In order for Noah to receive God’s everlasting covenant and to enjoy the beauty of the rainbow that God placed in the sky as a sign of His new covenant, Noah had to weather a crazy bad, long storm.

Sounds familiar right?

Noah was given strict instructions from God. He then had a choice to make. He could obey or disobey. Thankfully He chose to obey, and in turn, God saved Him and his immediate family when He wiped the entire earth clean of sin and evil. Noah and his family entered the ark into isolation to weather a storm for a fairly significant length of time.

A length of time Noah did not know. Only the Lord knew how long it would take.

Noah could only trust and keep his faith in Lord’s Word.

Waiting for the Rainbow | Lightfilledhome.com/blog
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We are in a storm friends. The seas are rocky. The length and end is uncertain. We are fearful and anxious, and most of us are quarantined inside our homes isolated from others except our immediate families.

But, just like Noah we stay faithful and obedient to the Lord. He will carry us through this storm. He will protect us even when the storm seems too much for us to bear. We will never be truly alone through this.

And yes, one day we will emerge from our homes and look into His big beautiful sky refreshed and renewed. We will hug friends and family we haven’t seen in a long time. We will the His rainbow in the hearts and actions of those in our communities at church, play dates, school, and our favorite local businesses.

His rainbow will be evident, but for now we hope for that day and look forward to end of the storm.

In Him, Tamara

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